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tv   BBC World News  PBS  May 14, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> and now,bc world news. >> theibyan government smiss reports that colonel gaddi has been undd in a nato air stre. revengfor e death of osama bin laden. least8 people are kied in two suide bombings pakistan more violencen syria as thousands ke pt in an-government protest after frid prayer. >> welcome to bbc news. cong up a liteater, a canned m atack athop. 2-ye-old woman i beheaded. and the actress seena mle cept thousands of pounds for damas in the pho hacking scandal. >> welme once againo bbc news.
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the prosecutor f the international crimal crtn the hague ll sn be seeking arrest warrants r three nior libyan lders. he made an audio broadcast fray night saying he was in a place where nato couldn't get tor kill h. >>his was tripo li overnig, the sound of aircraf and explions. thearget of these lest air raids is unknown. but earer, libn tevision bre ou an dio meage the man they cap turd the leade of e revolution. >> iell the cowd cruders i live in a place whe you can't get t and kill me. liv in the hearts of miions. there e be reports from ity th he may have been woded and left trip l but they were denied by his skes peon. the leader is iery good
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health, high mal and high irits. he is in trip oli, he is fighting the fig forrd. is leading the fight day b y. >> at the sam pess coerence, nato wa accused of kiing 11 i am mans on an atta on a boarding house. ett bution s threatened. >> witeach imamhat was killed we all killed 1,000 people of frae, brain, cautor, an united arab emires a the states. >> nato saidt was ver careful in its selectionf targets and this locion was clrly identified as a cmmand d control cenr. , the patrio curfor the inrnatnal criminal court said he will sk arrest warrants for the pele most sponble for crimes agait humanity.
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ey haven't been nam but colonel gaddafi is expected to be amongst them. judges will decid wheth to cept, reject or ask for more formion. >> pakistan's parliament h caed f an eno u. drug strikes and forn indepeent commission to proa the raid. the call came after a int settg ofarliament whh lasted more than 1 hou. earlier on fday, 80 peopl were lled and more tn 100 injured whenwosuice bomber targeted a training center. theyaid they carried outto avge tdeath. >> rushing survivs to hoital after a dvastating asult. a brutal early morningtrike by two scide bbers. mitanthere had promised taliation for the killing of
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osama bin lade it didn tak themongo delive the war craed with the wounded d tirorri relatives. most of the casualties were young recrus to the ramilitary police. th jus finished their basic traing. amg them withis friend, they died his side. >> i grving a gateal that he gon he was supposed be lein at that moment. he was goingo hishome. i wasoing toine. >>nd ts wathe scene tsidthe training center. where so man lives wended in seconds one of tseille was 10-yr-olboy found clutchi the parten of milk he had bee nt to the sps to bu the pista talan, mitant allies of aqaeda, said this
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washeir first revenge for bin laden. >> well, the area her is sti littered with damage on the ground in ont of me is broken gls and someone's shoe. whenhe atckook place, the cade were rexed. th wer boarding tse mini bus to go homefor aew day's break. so of em were alrdy sitting inse. othersere still loading their ggage. but u caseefrom the debris here how powfulhe explosions were. the vans are pctur with these marks caused byails packed in to causethe maximum ssible cause of life. the sting inside here di't stand achance. >> twoeopldiedn th first blast. he arte to run. buthen he heard cri for help. >> somebody souted, come ba and help t injured. we started to come back. en we knelt to them, another
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blast. wi this, atherlock, another peop juskilled. >> tight there are new dead to mon. scores of young men who wanted t proct their country. ny he feel pakistan is a victim tce over blamed by america for not cching bin ladeand bombed by the militants r dog shinon's bding >>he ypti thories haverded the wifeo be detain for5 ds. sue san mo bark was questned wi her husnd claims th coup illegally acqred llions in assets. mrs. mubarak haseen admitted the hospital wi a
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suspected hear attack. thoundsof people ha takepart in anti-government prests againstyria. six people were kied i denstrions and also in suburb oamaus. hover, the security fces apar t have used lesforce th on foreign occasions. urnasts are not allowed in. >> by latefteron, more big protest mares were haening in syria. d th regime's fors were usinlive ammition. thes pictures of attet by protesterso rescue wnded man have only just been posted on the internet. protestersay t regime cannot return life in syriao the way it s aer so much blood shed.
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thturning poi might have beenhe presidens spch to the syrian parliament onhe 30th ofarch he was expect to ke concessions tid not. now, that'sooking like a last chance to make a dl withhis own people. according to syria dissidts here in bayoute s speech was a disaste >> look, the peoe wi the regime are makg -- doesot present big sare. the bigst sre sittg there. lost the silent majori. th,e became part o the probm, n part of the soluon. >> her in lebanon they're worried th sia is once again part o theirrobl, too, upsetting thdellan't balance between communities. this is triply on the ad north where forearssunn musls have been hing occasionalun battlesith
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those who live higher up e hill. they'vgot big poers ofhe president. one man said i'm lenese but i uld die for the family. they wervery hostile and they escorted us outof the area. >> we ove up to theoarder whe soheastern towns ovlook lbanon. families were crossinthefron tier overinyria, th soldiers seem board but people leaving oke a pervasive fear. e reason this man gave fo coming over to lanon shsaid her fatr had been sh dead. >>my father didn do ythi wrong cepto out to demonsate. they shot our neighbo. they were shoong at little ildren. wh's hpening in syria mas westn gernmts and israel neous beuse syria is atthe
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center of allhe b issue of war and peace in t mile east. theast five yrs or so, the presidt ha made himself verynfluential but hes isoled now and syria's future ist ju looking uncertain it's looking dangerous. >> the.s. special enjoy the mile et is to rign. mr. mihell isat theobams effort t restart failed gotiions for the past two years. his departur cosides with the announcement that mr. obama will be givin long awaite speech on the middleastext thursday. a wom hasbeen beaded a random attk. anisofficials say the attack tookplacsouth ofhe island. man lieved toe homels has been arrested. >> the atck ppen i broad daight at thi shopping
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center. shocked onlookers wated at e police carried out th task of removing the body. the mais rorteto have waed io the shop, szed knif and decapitated the won. >> itsocal couel saidher was nobvio motive forhe attack afterwards the man wt outside andas restled to e ground. the man washoug tobe a holessulgaria man. the lling stunned sides and holiy makeron this isnd. >> engineer in th sta of louisianare preparing topen flood tes along the ssissippi river to prect cies such as neorles. ound5,000 people uld be affect when the gas of the spillway are uocked for the rst me in8years.
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avy in and melngsnow has taken themississippi to its hightevel and local residents feel thell ner be able to return. a polar singe polical outsider, but he is haiti's nepresent. ca he rebuild his shtered nation? furals have bn taking place for t nine people lled in eahquas this wk. more than 300 peoe are injured the quakes, thousands still can'eturn to their homes. sarahas been coveri the ents. she s se is report. >> a fil fa well to the victims of the earquake. a crowd of several thousand gather in aangar at thedge ofown. the dead were all killed tsidon the streets when the ake sent debris crashi down on them.
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one of the victims was just 13, a young woman who die was eight monthsregnt. the princes were her to sho thr solidarity anday their reects >> membersf th royal family and the spanish govementere would normally be a private affa but h become a state occasion. all nine pele who lost tir ves are being rembered. there were two earth quakes on wednesday, theost powerl stck just before7:00n the evenin th adliest in spa in decades. 80% ofllocal buildings hav been damaged. several coapse comptely the quake was ve shaow, that's whyitsimpa was so great. no seemsnspectors are going housto hoe toee which hous are safe too to.
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e quake has turned peop to refees. >>ell there's be ne of otheearthquake thi one just rockg the catal of costa rica, san jo, whose maitudis 6. nohwest of the 12i brks and tiles did fall ouf buno rts ofajoamag >> this is bbc news. the headlines. colonegaddi says he isot jured but is in a place wher bombs can't rch h. pakistan has cald fo an end to dronetrikes. ll, let'set more on lbya. the prosecutorn the hague ys he will soon be seeng arrest warrants fo three
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seni libn leaders and colol gaddafi expected to be e of them. i asked how likely it is th connell ddaf wod enup in the dock. of urse the iccronically es not have aolice force to carry out is arrest warrants. i can't prect t prise chainf circumstances by whi heoulde arrted. but i ink it nstructive to rembethat millsevitch nevethout he would be p onrialin the hague. charletayl th president of liberia never dreamed that heould actuall be tried by the ecia court for sierra on. so i can't predicthe prise way this wl unfold. i think are seeing no
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increasing numbers of heads of state aused of theseindof cres wdingp in the dock >> the two cas tt you mentioned,hey both appead before the icc after the trblesn their country wer fectively over. bair osudans stl there. th iccould likeim. haseen charged on vario acunts. t thfact is thatsurely it depends on what haens with the nflict in libya. doesn't it? >> well, i think that's fair poin the other trials if these were t icc tals with mi osevitch and taylor. theyere othinternational courts. t i think the pot is that these indivials icreangly in tay'sorld if accud of the mosseriousrime have a way ofindi themlves in
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the dark. think if there are arst warrants issued and this is a judicial proce, an up the judg toeighhe evince d cide fair wheer or no t iue the warrants. but if ey are isued, i think the trend is spite the uncertainty or unpredictability,ncreing numbs ofeaders are winding up atrial. >> do you think there a danger that such an arrest warrantcan b cnter productive in that colonel ddafmea thi, ok we ma nowigh to the deh because if i se this i'm goin to end up in front of the icc? should they issue warrants afr the eves aresort out? >> fair question. but thinhe conventional wiom really theonventional wisdom you cit out wait for things to sort out, it just
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doesn't holdup to cose scrutiny. again, charles tayloras charged when te liberiancivil r wa at itsmostruesome peak a actlly the rrant for hisarreacilated his dertur from monroe va and into thatonfct. so iee justi as important in its own right in honoring victims, but ihink it also does help in times t isolat ba aors and perhaps hers in libya, in t gdafi circlewillake note of this and separatehemsves from thcurrt adership. >> activists have clashed wit police i hai othe e o th inauration of a new president. hopes are high that the new man
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will helthe natn stl recoveng from the 10 earthqua and chora epidemic. they cameo celrate the enof th term as haiti's leader. e celebrations soon turned to vience as policeand protterslashed outsidehe shattered presidtial palace in port ah prce. there is feeling hope as thisan prepares to take offi as the new president >> i do belve that the people ted r change and he does bring change t the country. and it means to work with everybody, b mainly new team. >> t50-yr-old musician at first view as aank outsider appealed to hai's poor with his messagef chge and renull.
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he used his celebrity stas during a presenti campaign that was at times chaotic and violence. >> one could say tha i'm a little modest wit my tentt communicating witheople to lead them in the right direction. th have been lef ale an never h responsie leader. >>e no faces some serious challees. haiti is still recerinfrom a massive earquake and a adly outbreak colera. tens of tusands of people are still ling in camps, and promised a haseen slow to emerge amgst the promises are aore inpendent haiti. there's ev talk of bringing back the cntry's disbanded my, thoseho promised to help will be watching closely. >> the brish aress seena miller has bece the first celebrity to settlaims for
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damas against those w mitt hacking intohe news le. thectre will accept 0,00 poun. the deal was ach at the high court i london. it ll beformalized in a week's time. th rort contains somelash photography. >> she h already been offed 10000 pnds by ne international. that figure hasn't changed but her imary concewas not aboutheevel of comnsation buto know extly what the extent of the hking was. the actress wilget informatioand disclosure from the papefter it has admitd liility. she so wts a statent i open cou. aorma judgment is expecd nexteek. >> she will be paid compsati for the breach of r privatesy and access to the recordshat ey had access
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to. she will see exactly what they have seen. it's going to an tt th tenthey were phone hacks not going to be aed ithe publ couroom. >> the claim ws to be one of four testases against new inrnational to be heard later is yr along with kly hopen, sports presenr gr and y andrew. there could be celebrities an they have set asid 2 milon pounds for dages but after this case i doe't know how my pele itwill have make paymts to. >>hey're said they are pleased to bringhis case to a satiacto conclusion. but what sexactly will that mean for tse still pursusing claims against thosef the worl >> publicist max cliffor who reached anut-ocourt ttlent belves e payment will show otrt is limit of
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what compeatio th can pect >>'m aware of plenty who are expecting to g hundreds of thousands of pous anmost of those their cas wasn't as strongs seena miller. it'een apositive da for the news of eorld. >> oshtse pential claimes are still cing forward thou his laer said he to sta preedings against ws iernational next we. but her ca is theirsto be resolved and tt settlement en finaled wl be stued by oths before deciding at th do next. >> well, fil eparations are under wayow f one othe biggest events of the year th song contest. e irish teen age twins is on ofhe forit to winhis more tn 150 milli peoe is expected towatc t sho previous wnersave certaiy used it to lachheir
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ternional careers. th year's 2 finalists hope to hit the big tim buts lisa reportt is coest isn't necessarily just out musicalbily. ♪ ♪ >> in it earl years it is no doubt that it was seen as serious musical contest. and winon t night lauhed career ranging from ab ♪ ♪ to- ♪ ♪ but the influx of new country'chalngedwestern's euro's and in part due to bo rather than being based obmusical hievementsurned policalulminating in ssia 2008 win, a victory in
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nosmall part. >> russia russia. ♪ ♪ in 2009, in an attempto store credibility, a ange was ough in wit each untry's vote being decide equally betweenthe publicand a pel of experts. an while so say the problems withhe stem haven't been comptely eradicated, winners in t last couple ars have be seen as succeeded on their meritsrath than beuse political voting. >> and just before we lea here, th prosecution of the ternational criminalourse inhe hue will soon be seing arrest warrants for three seor libyan leaders. colonel gaddafi i eected to amost them. this is c news.
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